Let’s Get Ready for Bed By GRAMMY® winner Michael W. Smith and Mike Nawrocki

This awesome book was sent to me by Harper Collins Publishing. It was a great read, especially a great bed time story read. The characters were quite silly and made my children laugh out loud at times. The story line was fun because it seemed to match what my kids do to get ready for bed which made them feel like they could relate to the story even more. The text rhymed throughout the entire book which always make for a more entertaining read. The font was something I appreciated because it was different than more kid books. The pictures were vivid and slightly realistic giving my kids an understanding of real and make believe situations which lets their minds wander and expand. It was a great read all around!


Book Review: he Cow Said NEIGH! by Rory Feek

Thank you Harper Collins for the chance to review this children’s book. It was a great read. I always appreciate a kids book that can rhyme. rhyming makes the story more fun for the parent, i feel, because it is funny and interesting more that most of the time. I thought it was sweet of the farmer at the end to follow along with the confused animals sounds and made the sound of the cow, it was a great ending. The art work was also very beautifully done. The pictures were not too childlike but more realistic. I liked this book a lot.

Book Review: God Bless You and Good Night Touch and Feel by Hannah Hall

This book was very cute and unique. The touch and feel aspect was great and my children look forward to feeling each animal on every page. the story line was so cute and we read it before bed every night! The pictures were bright and beautiful. My children were able to learn a few new animals and enjoy some alone time with mom before bed. The words in this story rhymed most of the time which made it more interesting and fun to read with the kids. MY children will choose this book to read before they choose any other book on their shelf. We have read it every night since we received it! Thank you Harper Collins.

Small town libraries…are the BEST!

I recently moved to a new town away from the city into a very rural area. I didn’t know where anything was around here (there’s not much around) but they do have a library! Actually the main library had a fire last summer and they lost about 55,000 dollars worth of books and other material! However they stayed afloat but they had to separate their departments. The adult library in the a Plaza where the Wal-Mart and Kroger are (as in the main hot spot of the city). They have one little building dedicated to Teens! And this is where all of their YA books are stored! This little building is right down the road from me. Small town libraries are the best because everytime I go in there, they have everything I want/need. When I lived in the city all the new/ “good” book were taken and I had to either buy them or put them on hold which could have taken months just to get the book! So I am loving my new small town and it’s adorable teen library which is like my second home. Here is a picture of my library haul, mostly re-reading some of these for my own pleasure but also haven’t been able to buy any new books so I figured I would just check them out at the local library!

Book review: Thunderhead by: Neal Shusterman

Quite a cliff hanger. I loved it! I loved Scythe and now I love Thunderhead! The simple twists that came about in this book kept me interested. I say simple because they were. They were simple plot twists that were just genius! This series has been an overall enjoyable and thought provoking reads for me. I think about what my life would be like if the world was like how it is in Thunderhead. I can’t wait for the next book….I hope there is going to be another one…you can’t just leave us like that!

Book Review: Scythe by Neal Shusterman


Finally, I have read an actual FIVE START book! I casually purchased this book one day at Half Price Books, not expecting it to be so good! The entire story line captured me and made me think about it long after reading it. Neal Shusterman did a great job in creating this marvelous story. I would recommend this book to other YA readers but also to adults looking for a dystopian-ish type read. Its not a very kiddie book like some YA books come off as. I am currently reading Thunderhead which is the second book to this series. I am about half way finished with it and am quite enjoying it. Not enjoying it as much as Scythe but Scythe was so good that I would be reading ANYTHING that comes after it!

Book review: Wild Bird by Wendelin van Draanen 

Full of teen angst I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. It followed Wren and her increasingly bad habits which have her end up in some sort of camp for teens in order to learn a better way of life. It was a really cute read that I would recommend to younger ladies around the ages of 10 to 14. Wren learns some good lessons about herself including respect for others even her parents. This book comes out in September of this year.

Book review: Otherworld by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller

This book was interesting. It sure was entertaining and quite fast paced which was nice. I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. I thought the plot was good but could have been soooo much better. They jad a great concept here but it felt quite rushed and armature like. It was kind of all over the place and I wanted to know more about the Otherworld. I wish it was more drawn out and had better details and visuals. The idea is such a good one that I wanted it to include just…more! Obviously there will be a sequel but not until 2018. This book comes out in November of this year so Mayne the final product will include more detail. However the idea of Otherworld was awesome. I just wish they made it into a bigger deal , I feel like it could have gone really far. 

Book Review: Nyxia (The Nyxia Triad, #1) by Scott Reintgen

nyxia  Five out of Five stars. This book has a great concept to it. It was well thoughtout and just the idea of nyxia was a great one. I think it is safe to say that there for sure will be a movie about this book, eventually. Nyxia is an amazing product that can do so many thing beyond imaginable. A team of teenagers are sent in to space to harvest more Nyxia for the Babel company. Not everyone makes it through training but those who do will get an oppurtunity of a life time! This book comes out in September of 2017 and that makes me sad because it means I will have to wait even longer for the second part to come out! I cant wait to keep reading this series!