Small town libraries…are the BEST!

I recently moved to a new town away from the city into a very rural area. I didn’t know where anything was around here (there’s not much around) but they do have a library! Actually the main library had a fire last summer and they lost about 55,000 dollars worth of books and other material! However they stayed afloat but they had to separate their departments. The adult library in the a Plaza where the Wal-Mart and Kroger are (as in the main hot spot of the city). They have one little building dedicated to Teens! And this is where all of their YA books are stored! This little building is right down the road from me. Small town libraries are the best because everytime I go in there, they have everything I want/need. When I lived in the city all the new/ “good” book were taken and I had to either buy them or put them on hold which could have taken months just to get the book! So I am loving my new small town and it’s adorable teen library which is like my second home. Here is a picture of my library haul, mostly re-reading some of these for my own pleasure but also haven’t been able to buy any new books so I figured I would just check them out at the local library!


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