Book Review- Summon The Tiger by: Wendy Sura Thomson


Summon The Tiger was a great raw and quite inspirational read. We get a great deal of detail and information from this book about Wendy’s entire life from the very beginning. We see her triumphs and tribulations as she grows up and can’t help but be so happy for her. The mix between happiness and sadness comes with anyone’s life story but especially Wendy’s. The things she over came and I really can’t get over the detail she included in this book are just awesome. I don’t think I could remember that much about my early childhood but Wendy has and you get to read about it all in her memoir. One part of this book is making me laugh right now, It’s part of her school days when there is a boy in her class who has a similar last name than her but it is not exactly the same and she insists that he is spelling it wrong. This part had me cracking up and made me feel a personal connection with Wendy. It also shows her strong willed heart that only gets stronger as she ages! Great read!

Note to the author- Thank you for personalizing this book when you sent it to me. You did a great job writing it and I will surely be spreading the word about this piece.


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