Book Review- The Way I Use to Be by Amber Smith

3 out of five stars.

Slight spoilers here-

This book was pretty good. I got through it with ease. It was written in traditional YA style (as I like to call it). Easy to understand and easy to move through without getting bored. I was not aware of the effects that rape could have on a girl as she grows up. Even though Eden is always brought back to the time she was raped, the rape event was still subtle enough to where you almost forgot what happened to her in the past at certain times. I thought that Eden was a jerk and acting out in a weird way until I remembered she went through something terrible and couldn’t get any help or justice for it. It made me really think about my life and I asked myself, “What if this happened to me”? I possibly would have acted out as Eden did and that is scary. But with a happy ending and finally having the courage to say what she wanted to say many times before, she gets justice.



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