Book review Madly Truly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

I did not enjoy this book. I give it a 2 out of five. I wanted to post a review that I saw on goodreads. I mean, this review is the best I have ever read. It’s grow Greg Z “With my first review, I gave it two stars. It was only later that I realized what this book was really about (to me, that is). We have six adults who are doing okay, who are relatively comfortable but they do have assorted average problems (bored with a job, they want to get a new job, petty jealousies, etc). Now, there is a character with a truly troublesome and heartbreaking past: Harry, the neighbor. Not a single one of these six adults bothers to check his past (in this age, we can find out anything about anyone), they don’t think that maybe his is physically ill, maybe he has a mental illness. They don’t question why he is alone in his two-story house in the suburbs (usually inhabited by couples and families). They don’t care. They are guilty alright, all six of them, for treating Harry poorly. And Harry is the one who saves the child. Harry is the hero! And then he falls down a staircase and no one bothers about his invisibility for weeks! These are six adults so caught up in their silly little problems they don’t see a person with huge problems. These six adults are, absolutely, Truly Madly Guilty by the end of the book, as well they should be. So when I realized this, I gave the book another star, for a three star review. Still, this book is at least 200 pages to long but the author does use some pages/passages to describe these actually terrible six human beings. One of the scenes is at a restaurant where they literally make fun of a young waiter desperately trying to do his job. But in reality, it is the two adults who are awful to judge a young person like they did. That’s when I started disliking every character in this book except Harry. After all, Harry’s condition MATCHES his past. But the “woe-is-me” from the other six adults was just plain abysmal”. This was such the perfect view I got from this book but once I read this review I just knew that I could not have put it in better words or have been able to explain it exactly. 


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