Books, books, books!

I’ve got a stack of books to read and review! There is a stack from the library that I just picked up that were on hold for me. The ones from the library are mostly YA. I also finally received a stack in the mail from various publishers. There may be one or two YA in this stack but there is an array of them. I get so excited even thinking about reading!

Ipsy Glam Bag update- I peeked. I usually don’t but I couldn’t wait to see what this months bag looked like. It is the shape of a carnival ticket. Its….interesting…not too too too excited about it, but it is different. I won’t be able to see what products I am to receive until April 5th but I think I will be peeking around for that as well. It’s the suspense! I can’t handle knowing something is there and not knowing! I find that with books too, I start to read a bit faster, maybe even skip some things towards the end of the book just to get the gist of it because I get so excited.


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