The Feral Sentence (Book 1, Part 1) By- G. C. Julien.

It was nice to have only part of the book available. It gave me as the reader a chance to really focus and engage myself in the writing, rather than just trying to read it fast and finish the book because it is so long. I really liked the entire concept of this book of how a prissy girl in her everyday life murders her mother’s boyfriend by mistake. Brone instantly becomes a heroin even though she may be shy, slow and not a hunter at all!  I like her. She stood up for her mother and has now been sentenced to a remote punishment island in the middle of the sea. I am actually excited to see what will happen next and excited to learn who or what was the one who took Sunny in the final sentences of Book 1, Part 1.

Note to the author- I found a few typos/errors. The first page of Chapter 2 where it says,  “Since when is new is bad?” I asked. Is this just a typo?

Also on the third page of Chapter 5 the sentence is the last sentence in the first paragraph, it says, “I just wanted her to leave him  ”  There is no period after this.

Just wanted to let you know! Great job with this story, I will for sure be reading the rest or it soon!


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